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Two must watch videos to understand the movement

Q Plan to save the world

Listen Closely 


Short answer, we don't know. We understand that it is a group of Patriots very close to the President; However, the movement has grown to include millions of Patriots in the United States and throughout the world. It is highly recommended that you follow the Patriots that have studied since the conception of the movement and then, try and understand the Drops that we are given.

Ask the Q

There is one simple way to destroy our movement. Hundreds of articles and MSM stories demeaning the movement as a conspiracy. We all agree on one thing: If the President disowns Q, so will we; With all of the stories written, why has no one asked the Q?


Q Movement Specialists

These are some of the Patriots of the Movement and not affiliated with WTP News. Please consider supporting these champions of Truth. Many have given up their careers to research and spread the Awakening. We highly suggest following them on social media.

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